Privacy policy

Viva Sevilla Tours respects the privacy of its customers and acts in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy outlines how Viva Sevilla Tours handles personal data; solely for the purpose of service provision.

What personal data do we collect?

When making a contact request or reservation through the website, Viva Sevilla Tours asks for the following personal information: name of the main booker (this can be either the first or last name), telephone number, email address, number of persons. For businesses, we also ask for the company name, first and last name of the contact person, and the billing address.

Why do we ask for this personal data?

Viva Sevilla Tours requests personal data from the customer to be able to make a reservation for a tour and to contact the customer before and regarding the reserved tour. We use personal data exclusively when necessary for the execution of our services. We use the telephone number after reservation to answer questions from the customer if sent via WhatsApp and to be able to contact the customer if they are late on the day of the tour. We do not send newsletters, other emails, or WhatsApp messages to customers that are not about the reservation of our tours.

We do not share personal data

All personal data is stored securely and is only accessible to Sabine Verschuren of Viva Sevilla Tours. The personal data is used exclusively for reserving and conducting our tours. We never share personal data with companies, institutions, or other individuals.

Retention period for personal data

Viva Sevilla Tours does not keep personal data of customers longer than necessary. We store telephone numbers, email addresses until the end of January following the tour. The name of the main booker and the number of persons for whom they reserve are kept in the administration for 7 years. WhatsApp conversations with reservations and emails with reservations are also kept in the administration for 7 years. For businesses, Viva Sevilla Tours also keeps the company name, full name of the contact person, and the billing address for 7 years in the administration. Every entrepreneur is legally obliged to keep their administration for 7 years (fiscal retention obligation).

Personal data of minors

Viva Sevilla Tours assumes that every main booker is of legal age. When the main booker is a minor, we ask this to be mentioned. We then ask for permission from parents/guardians. It is advisable for parents/guardians to monitor the online use of minors. It is not our intention to store personal data of minors.

Protection of personal data

Viva Sevilla Tours ensures the security of the customer’s personal data. We do everything possible to prevent misuse, unwanted disclosure or alteration, and access by persons other than Sabine Verschuren, to the personal data.


The Viva Sevilla Tours website does not use cookies that store, share, or collect personal data. No functional, marketing, or preference cookies are placed. Viva Sevilla Tours uses only statistical cookies that cannot be traced back to an individual and where the IP address is anonymized. Therefore, it is not necessary to display a cookie notice. Viva Sevilla Tours does not follow website visitors with advertisements and does not store browsing behavior.